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The purpose of this Sample Testing Centre is to give you an idea of the types of assessments and questions you might be faced with if you have been invited to complete an assessment of some sort. What you will find in this centre is information on psychometric testing and why it is used, the different types of psychometric tests, and sample test questions from Testgrid's assessment platform.

What is Psychometric Testing and why is it used?

Psychometric testing is used to assist with the recruitment, selection, and development of individuals. Psychometric tests are carefully designed to assess your skills, talents, and attributes and to assist in the process of placing you into a role that matches both your abilities and motivations. Psychometric tests are often used in conjunction with a number of other tools including resume, interviews, assessment centres, and job trials. Employers use psychometric testing to aid their decision-making process because it is believed to be an objective (not influenced by the recruiter's personal opinions) and valid (predictive of performance) method.

Therefore, employers use Testgrid and similar services to make the process more complete and fairer. The kind of testing offered by Testgrid provides the greatest predictor of on-the-job success. And wouldn't you want an employer to place you in a job in which you have the highest likelihood of success?

Some practical advice

There is a range of possible assessments that are available and used by organisations. Generally speaking, these fall under one of two categories: Cognitive Ability/Aptitudes or Behavioural. Each of these assessments provides different information to the organisation about how you are likely to perform and behave in the workplace.

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